Session Attributes
String Interpolation with Session Attributes

Often, you want to combine session attribute values with another string to generate a custom speech output.

Let’s consider our movie genre skill. If we wanted Alexa to respond with the current genre of a movie, which has been stored in a session attribute, we could use the following to generate the speech output.

'SetGenreIntent': function() { this.attributes['genre'] = this.event.request.intent.slots.genres.value; this.response.speak('Ok, so you like ' + this.attributes['genre'] + ' movies.' + 'Let me ask you a few more questions and ' + 'then I’ll give you my recommendation.').listen(); this.emit(':responseReady'); }

We can see the interpolation in the this.response.speak speech output, where we insert the genre session attribute inside of the response.



In the SetMyLanguageIntent speech output, replace the hard-coded instance of “Ruby” with the language session attribute, making sure to use interpolation where needed.


Do the same in the AskQuestion function at the bottom of index.js.

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