In this lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of generating dialogue using the Alexa SDK to create the following conversation:

Alexa: Hello, welcome to Codecademy. What do you think is Codecademy's most popular language?

Once Alexa asks this, you can instruct Alexa to listen for a user’s response. Regardless of the user’s answer, Alexa will say:

Alexa: Python is our most popular language.

If the user doesn’t understand the initial question, or does not respond in a timely manner, Alexa can reprompt the user with a custom message.

While we are focusing on the question, response, and reprompt from Alexa, in Codecademy’s slots lesson, you can learn to build a skill that customizes Alexa’s response based on user input.


In this lesson, you will learn to add dialogue to a Lambda function for a Popular Language skill using the Alexa-SDK, like the one in the code to the right.

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