You just built your first Lambda function! In this lesson you:

  • Imported the SDK using require
  • Wrote handler objects with canHandle and handle methods
  • Built responses using the responseBuilder, speak(), and getResponse()
  • Defined an error handler
  • Used skillBuilder to register handlers and create a function for AWS Lambda to call

To learn more, check out these pages in the ASK SDK documentation:

For more examples, read the tutorial “Developing Your First Skill” in the same documentation. As you make your own skills, feel free to reference this course, but please don’t use the “Codecademy” name or “code academy” invocation.

If you’re interested in learning more from the Alexa community or you have questions, you should check out:


The complete Lambda function code is provided here. We’ve added three additional request handlers that are required for any basic skill: HelpIntentHandler, CancelAndStopIntentHandler, and SessionEndedRequestHandler.

If you’d like, you can copy it into AWS Lambda and test it!

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