Your First App

Hello AngularJS II

Awesome! You built an AngularJS app. How does it work?

  1. In app.js, we created a new module named myApp. A module contains the different components of an AngularJS app.
  2. Then, in index.html we added <body ng-app="myApp">. The ng-app is called a directive. It tells AngularJS that the myApp module will live within the <body> element, termed the application's scope. In other words, we used the ng-app directive to define the application scope.
  3. In MainController.js we created a new controller named MainController. A controller manages the app's data. Here we use the property title to store a string, and attach it to $scope.
  4. Then, in index.html, we added <div class="main" ng-controller="MainController">. Like ng-app, ng-controller is a directive that defines the controller scope. This means that properties attached to $scope in MainController become available to use within <div class="main">.
  5. Inside <div class="main"> we accessed $scope.title using {{ title }}. This is called an expression. Expressions are used to display values on the page.
  6. The value of title showed up when we viewed the app in the browser.
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