Our code should now handle a delete. The next step is to change the HTML to pass in the ID. The ID must be passed in the <form> postback. This is triggered by a submit button in an <a> tag. A hidden <input> tag can be used to store the ID in the browser until the user clicks Delete and does the <form> postback.

One new Bootstrap trick:

  • btn btn-danger btn-sm - make a small red button



In Pages/Continents/Index.cshtml, change the <div> surrounding the Details and Edit buttons to a <form>. Add the attribute method="post".


Add an <input> of type "submit" under the Edit <a> tag.

  • The value attribute should equal "Delete"
  • Its classes should be btn, btn-danger, and btn-sm.

The btn-danger class is Bootstrap CSS for the color red.


Next add a hidden <input> that can return the ID back to the server during the post.

  • The type should be "hidden"
  • The name should be "ID"
  • The value should be set to the current Continent item’s ID

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