Searching is now working. Let’s add sorting as well. We will use a <select> tag to hold the column names in a series of <option> tags. This will be linked to a member property that tracks the current sort column. We will add an onChange() event that posts the form each time a change is made:

<select class="p-2" asp-for="SortField" onchange="this.form.submit();"> <option value="ID">Code</option> <option value="ContinentID">Cont</option> <option value="Name">Name</option> </select>

The LINQ query can be modified multiple times before it is evaluated. Sorting is managed by the OrderBy() clause. A switch statement determines which column name to include in the LINQ query:

switch (SortField) { case "ID": countries = countries.OrderBy(c => c.ID); break; case "Name": countries = countries.OrderBy(c => c.Name); break; case "ContinentID": countries = countries.OrderBy(c => c.ContinentID); break; }



Open the file Pages/Countries/Index.cshtml.cs. Add another using statement for the SelectList component.

  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Rendering

Add a public string property named SortField with a default of "Name". This will need a [BindProperty] that supports Get so the choice returns to the server when the <form> does a post back.


Before the line that sets the Countries property…

Countries = await countries.ToListAsync();

…add a switch statement that sorts the countries query based on SortField. Expect Sortfield to be one of three values:

  • "ID"
  • "Name"
  • "ContinentID"

Open the file Pages/Countries/Index.cshtml. After the <input> tag for submitting, add a <label> and the <select> tag with a series of <option> tags with field names:

<label asp-for="SortField" class="control-label"> Sort by: </label> <select class="p-2" asp-for="SortField" onchange="this.form.submit();"> <option value="ID"> Code </option> <option value="ContinentID"> Cont </option> <option value="Name"> Name </option> </select>

Note that onchange() fires each time the dropdown value changes. The short JavaScript statement causes the <form> to complete a post back. This reloads the page with OnGetAsync() which in turn adds the OrderBy() LINQ query modifier with the selected SortField.

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