Before we were redirecting users, we were using void and Task as our return types.

void was for synchronous methods:

public void OnGet()

Task was for asynchronous methods:

public async Task OnGetAsync()

With redirection, we will now return IActionResult and Task<IActionResult>.

IActionResult is for synchronous methods:

public IActionResult OnGet()

Task<IActionResult> is for asynchronous methods:

public async Task<IActionResult> OnGetAsync()

We don’t need to get into the details of Task<IActionResult> now, but you can imagine it as some kind of operation that will eventually return an IActionResult.



In Index.cshtml.cs, OnGet() method is synchronous, but contains some asynchronous code. Change the method to its asynchronous sibling.

Make sure to:

  • Add async to the method signature
  • Change the return type
  • Change the method name
  • Return the result of Page()

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