Go ahead and give yourself that well-deserved pat on the back, you’ve worked your way through Bootstrap utility classes and components!

Remember, it is extremely important to check Bootstrap documentation for instructions on component implementation!

Because we checked documentation we were able to use:

  • animations and interactivity that requires the addition of Bootstrap’s JavaScript files.
  • utility classes which affect the styling and position of elements.
  • the nav component provides default Bootstrap styling to links.
  • the responsive navbar component to quickly navigate between webpages.
  • the jumbotron component which prominently displays an image or text.
  • the card component that acts as a stylized content container.
  • collapse to toggle component visibility.
  • the carousel component to create a slideshow which displays images or text.

Now, go forth and see what else you can bootstrap to your site!


If you want to challenge yourself:

  • Add different Bootstrap components not covered in this lesson.
  • Explore Bootstrap utility classes not covered in this lesson.
  • Make the webpage mobile friendly.
  • Create the other pages needed for Gloria’s Gardening.
    • Link to the appropriate pages.

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