Great job! You have learned to build many file types into a project using Webpack! Let’s review what you’ve learned so far:

  • Webpack is a popular tool making web resources into an efficient bundle.
  • Webpack is configured to add different file types using a series of rules in its config file.
  • Webpacks adds CSS with two loaders, css-loader and style-loader. css-loader puts the CSS into the JavaScript. style-loader takes that and applies it to the HTML.
  • We can use Webpack 5’s asset system to include images, fonts, and text files.
  • With Webpack, we can import text and images and treat them as JavaScript objects.
  • We include fonts through CSS in Webpack.

Next, we will learn how to set up Webpack locally to build an existing project.


Feel free to play with the content of our web app.

Try changing the project’s styles, images, fonts, or JavaScript content!

Can you make a statistics section showing win percentages?

How about a more detailed history?

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