The connections between assets need to be mapped by the bundler to produce an output containing everything the app needs. This process uses a data structure called a dependency graph.

A dependency graph is a type of data structure formed by a directed graph representing the relationship between different files. When one file depends on another, a connection is added to the graph. Once all the connections are added, the bundler knows exactly what it must incorporate into the build.

Take a look at the representation of a dependency graph on the right. index.js depends on two files: style.css and user.js. style.css also has a dependency for a font file, font.woff. user.js depends on another JavaScript file, util.js, and two image assets, banner.png and profile.png.


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What is a dependency graph used for?

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A dependency graph maps the connections between different files to tell the bundler what needs to be included in order to build the application.

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