In this lesson, we got an introduction to what build tools are and when to use them. More specifically, we learned about:

  • how build tools fit into the overall web development ecosystem
  • differences between task runners and bundlers
  • how bundlers use dependency graphs to map out the connection between resources
  • the processes bundlers use to improve performance such as code splitting, modification, tree shaking, and dead code elimination.

In the next module, we will walk through how to build a web app using Webpack!


Here are some questions to test your understanding of key concepts! Think of your answer first, then click on the “Check Answer” button to check your answer.

When would you use a bundler?

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Consider using a bundler when you want to combine assets to improve the performance of your code in a production environment.

How do bundlers improve performance?

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They improve performance by using minification, code splitting, and dead-code elimination.

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