Roll up your sleeves and get yourself in the mood for functions, because it’s code challenge time!

Say what? Here’s how it works:

  • Each exercise in this lesson has a C++ function for you to build.
  • Each challenge has many solutions and we encourage you to be creative.
  • We don’t care what goes on in the function as long as it works the way it should. (Notice those tests in main() for each function.)

As a refresher, C++ function syntax looks like this:

return_type function_name(paramater1, parameter2) { // Code block here return output_if_there_is_any; }

For example, with real code this might look like:

bool is_even(int number) { if (number % 2 == 0) { return true; } return false; }

Best of luck!


Move onto the first challenge once you are ready.

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