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Finding bugs is a huge part of a programmer’s life. Don’t be intimidated by them… embrace them. Errors in your code mean you’re trying to do something cool!

In this lesson, we have learned about the four types of C++ errors:

  • Compile-time errors: Errors found by the compiler.
  • Link-time errors: Errors found by the linker when it is trying to combine object files into an executable program.
  • Run-time errors: Errors found by checks in a running program.
  • Logic errors: Errors found by the programmer looking for the causes of erroneous results.

Remember, Google and Stack Overflow are a programmer’s best friends. For some more motivation, check out this blog post: Thinking About Errors in Your Code Differently.

We wish you the best of luck in your bug-squashing journey.



Optional: Because your friend didn’t debug along the way, they ended up with a super buggy program. Can you be a bug detective and help them debug their program?

The final program should print a fortune message like:

🥠 Flattery will go far tonight.

Final tip: If you encounter a long error message, always scroll the top and try to debug the very first bug.

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