Hello World

Introduction to C++

"There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses."

C++ is a programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup and his team at Bell Laboratories in 1979. Forty years later, it is still one of the most widely used languages in the world. You can find C++ applications everywhere, from the bottom of the oceans to the surface of Mars.

As the name implies, C++ was derived from the C programming language; the ++ is the increment operator in C. Bjarne's goal was to add object-oriented programming into the C language, which was and still is a language well-respected for its portability and low-level functionality.

So why learn C++? Among many other things:

  • It's fast and flexible.
  • It's well-supported.
  • And it really makes you think.

In this lesson, we will get started on some basics and you will write your very first programs.

Note: Don't worry if these words don't make any sense right now. We will learn about them in a bit!


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