"Every variable in C++ must be declared before it can be used!"

Suppose we are building a game and we want to keep track of a player’s score that goes from 0 to 10. We need a variable!

Before we can use a variable, we must declare, or create, it. To declare a variable, we need to provide two things:

  • A type for the variable.
  • A name for the variable.

So to declare an integer variable called score, we need to write:

int score;
  • The int is the type of the variable.
  • The score is the name of the variable.
  • The ; is how we end a statement.

In C++, variable names consist only of upper/lower case letters, digits, and/or underscores.

Note: C++ is known as a strongly typed language. If you try to give an integer value a decimal number, you are going to get unexpected results, warnings, or errors.



Inside the variable.cpp file, declare an int variable named year.


Type the following commands in the terminal and press enter:


g++ variable.cpp



This checkpoint will pass after you execute.

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