You made it to the end of the lesson! High five. 🙌

Here is a review of the lesson:

  • A variable represents a particular piece of your computer’s memory that has been set aside for you to use to store, retrieve, and manipulate data.
  • C++ basic data types include:
    • int: integers
    • double: floating-point numbers
    • char: individual characters
    • string: sequence of characters
    • bool: true/false
  • Single equal sign = indicates assignment, not equality in the mathematical sense.
  • cin is how to receive input from the user.




Use the open space in review.cpp to practice what you learned about variables. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a program that takes in the weight of an item and then calculates how much that item would weigh on Mars.
  • Create a program that asks for a distance in miles as input. The program will then output how much that distance is in kilometers.

(You can also just run the code as is to move on.)

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