Arrays are useful for storing values, but they’re not very useful if they simply stay there — we also need a way to access them.

Arrays order items so that they’re in a specific sequence, which makes it helpful for accessing each item. Each value has a specific position in the array, which is known as its index. You can think of an index like an address - it’s what we use to locate an item in an array. In C#, arrays start their index at 0 and then add one for each value.

accessing by index

To access a value from a list, we write out the name of the array, followed by brackets [] and within the brackets, the index number of that value that we want:

int[] plantHeights = {3, 4, 6}; // plantTwoHeight will be 4 int plantTwoHeight = plantHeights[1];

We can now use that value and do something with it, like save it to a variable.



Print out a statement that includes the name of the second song in the playlist and the rating that you gave it. The message should read something like “You rated the song Missing U 4 stars.”

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