While working on Vehicle and Sedan, you may have seen this error:

Sedan.cs(11,13): error CS0200: Property or indexer 'Vehicle.Wheels' cannot be assigned to -- it is read only

Remember public and private? A public member can be accessed by any code outside of the enclosing class. A private member can only be accessed by code within the same class.

The above error comes up because either:

  1. There is no setter for Vehicle.Wheels, or
  2. The setter is private

How do we fix this problem? Making the setter public is not secure. Making it private is too restrictive – we only want the subclass Sedan to access the property. C# has another access modifier to solved that: protected!

A protected member can be accessed by the current class and any class that inherits from it. In this case, if the setter for Vehicle.Wheels is protected, then any Vehicle, Truck, and Sedan instance can call it.



In Vehicle, add a protected setter to each of these properties:

  • LicensePlate
  • Speed
  • Wheels

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