We covered a few static members: field, property, method, and constructor. What if we made the whole class static?

static class Forest {}

A static class cannot be instantiated, so you only want to do this if you are making a utility or library, like Math or Console.

These two common classes are static because they are just tools — they don’t need specific instances and they don’t store new information.

Now when you see something like:

Math.Min(34, 54); Console.WriteLine("yeehaw!");

You know that these are two static classes calling two static methods.



We rarely create static classes of our own, so let’s practice using other static classes. First print the value of pi — a commonly-used value in geometry —, which is stored in Math.PI.


Find the absolute value of -32 using the method Math.Abs(). This method returns the absolute value, or “positive version”, of the argument.

Print the result to the console.

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