When we use data in our programs, it’s good practice to save them in a variable. A variable is basically like a box in our computer memory where we can store values used in our code.

In C#, data types and variables are closely intertwined. Remember how C# is strongly-typed? Every time we declare a variable, we have to specify what kind of data type that variable is going to hold.

There are two ways we can assign variables. We can do it on two lines:

// Declare an integer int myAge; myAge = 32;

Or, we can be more concise and just do it on one:

// Declare a string string countryName = "Netherlands";

In each case, we first write the data type, then the variable name, then use the equals sign = to assign the variable a value.

Once we’ve defined a variable, we can use them throughout our program. For example, here’s a short program that prints a few math equations to the console:

int evenNumber = 22; int oddNumber = 45; Console.WriteLine(evenNumber + oddNumber); // Prints 67 Console.WriteLine(oddNumber - evenNumber); // Prints 23

If we want to change the values, it’s only necessary to change it in one place instead of everywhere it is used.



To practice creating variables, we’re going to write a program that prints information about a dog to the console. We’ll be working with the types string, int, double, and bool.

First, create two string variables. The first one is called name and has the value "Shadow". The second one is called breed and has the value "Golden Retriever".


Next, create a variable to hold the age. Name the variable age and store the value 5.


Next, create a variable to hold the weight. Name the variable weight and store the value 65.22.


Next, create a variable that can be either true or false. Name the variable spayed and set it to true.


Use Console.WriteLine() to print each variable to the console.

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