Congrats! You finished your first lesson in C#. In this lesson you learned:

  • C# is used to make interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), back-end services, and desktop applications
  • .NET generally refers to the family of programs and commands that let you make applications with C#
  • C# and .NET jobs are out there! Build video games with Unity, build websites with ASP.NET…The skills you learn on Codecademy can open new doors
  • The command Console.WriteLine() prints text to the console
  • The command Console.ReadLine() captures user input in the console
  • Comments are lines of code that are ignored by your computer; they’re intended to be read by developers instead. Make them with // or /* and */


Here’s the first C# application we used earlier. Use Console.WriteLine() commands to make it your own!

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