Object has a few useful members and they’re accessible by every type. Here are some important ones:

  • Equals(Object) — returns true if the current instance and the argument are equal (using value equality for value types and referential equality for reference types)
  • GetType() — returns the type of the object
  • ToString() — returns a string describing the object

You can see each method in action here:

Object o1 = new Object(); // t is System.Object Type t = o1.GetType(); string s = o1.ToString(); // Prints "System.Object" Console.WriteLine(s); Object o2 = o1; // Equals true bool b = o1.Equals(o2);

Remember that we can access inherited members from a derived class. In this case, every type inherits from Object, so every type can access these members!

For the full list of Object members read the Microsoft documentation.



Create an array of type Object[] that contains b, d, r, and i.


Make an empty foreach loop that loops through each element in the array.


In the body of the loop, call the GetType() method of each element and print out the result.

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