Well done! We learned two shortcuts for defining methods:

Expression-bodied definitions can be used for one-line method bodies.

bool isEven(int num) => num % 2 == 0;

Lambda expressions can be used to create an anonymous method:

bool hasEvenNumbers = Array.Exists(numbers, (int num) => num % 2 == 0 );

You learned two “sub-shortcuts” within lambda expressions:

  • You can remove the parameter type if it can be inferred:

    bool hasEvenNumbers = Array.Exists(numbers, (num) => num % 2 == 0 );
  • You can remove the parentheses if there is one parameter:

    bool hasEvenNumbers = Array.Exists(numbers, num => num % 2 == 0 );


Check out the alternate expressions in the text editor! Make sure you understand this code before moving on.

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