Congratulations! In this lesson, you learned about how data types and variables work in C#. Topics covered include:

  • C# built-in data types, including int, double, char, string, and bool
  • How to create, name, and use variables
  • Common errors you might encounter
  • Converting data types from one to another

For more information on using types and declaring variables, check out Microsoft’s C# documentation.

Want to keep track of the different data types? Download this handy cheatsheet.

Now that you know a few things about variables and data types, try writing a program that:

  • Converts a boolean to a string
  • Changes a string to a list of chars
  • Converts a data type we didn’t cover to another data type!


Time for some practice! Use the code editor to play around with what you learned in this lesson. If you’re not sure what to do, try one of the extensions above!

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