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Hello World

Ironically, an essential tool in programming is the ability to tell a computer to ignore a part of a program. Text written in a program but not run by the computer is called a comment. In C#, anything after a // or between /* and */ is a comment. In spoken word we call these symbols “forward slashes” and “asterisks”.

Comments can:

  • Provide context for why something is written the way it is:

    /* This variable will be used to count the number of times anyone tweets the word persnickety */ int persnicketyCount = 0;
  • Help other people reading the code understand it faster:

    /* Calculates tomorrow's rain likelihood as a number between 0 and 100 */ ComplicatedRainCalculationForTomorrow();
  • Ignore a line of code and see how a program will run without it:

    // string usefulValue = OldSloppyCode(); string usefulValue = NewCleanCode();

Developers tend to use // for short, one-line comments and /* */ for anything longer, but the choice is up to you!



Add a comment to the code right above the first Console.WriteLine().

The comment should explain what this program does.

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