What would you like to build? If you can name it, you can probably build it with C#.

This programming language can be used to make interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), desktop applications, and back-end services – just to name a few. For example, the mobile game Pokemon Go and the Stack Overflow website were built with frameworks that can be run with C# (Unity and ASP.NET, respectively).

Even if you already know a programming language, learning C# (pronounced “cee sharp”) can make you a better programmer:

  • Unlike languages like Ruby and JavaScript, C# has you define the type of each data in a program. Assigning a type essentially tells a computer what operations can and cannot be performed on a piece of data. This style of coding helps programmers avoid a large class of errors that are common to Ruby and JavaScript

  • If you’re familiar with Java, you’ll recognize how C# programs are built—by defining objects that interact with each other, which makes code reusable and easy to manage.


What are your goals with learning C#? (There are no wrong answers!)

Keep those in mind when taking this course.

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