We’ve completed a Sedan class that satisfies both car designers and highway patrol: it can be constructed and change speed, and it implements the IAutomobile interface.

But sedans aren’t the only automobile on the road. There can be multiple classes that implement an interface.

For example, we can create a Truck class that also implements the interface.

This is where we start to see the power of interfaces. Even though Sedan and Truck are different types, we can assume that they behave similarly because they share an interface. Car designers can build different vehicle classes, but the highway patrol can treat them all the same.



In Truck.cs, create an empty Truck class that implements the IAutomobile interface.


You should see the error CS0535 telling you that the Truck needs to implement the interface! Implement the interface by adding the three properties and one method defined in IAutomobile, which you can check in IAutomobile.cs.

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