We can also use built-in .NET methods to grab parts of strings or specific characters in a string.


.Substring() grabs part of a string using the specified character position and continues until the end of the string and returns a new string. .IndexOf() is usually used first to get the specific character position.

string plantName = "Cactaceae, Cactus"; int charPosition = plantName.IndexOf("Cactus"); // returns 11 string commonName = plantName.Substring(charPosition); // returns Cactus

.Substring() is useful if we only want to use part of a string, but keep the original data intact. So in this instance, we want to keep the string plantName, but just grab the "Cactus" portion of the string. We use .IndexOf() to find where "Cactus" starts, then use .Substring() with the position information to save "Cactus" to the new variable commonName.

Bracket Notation

Bracket notation is a style of syntax that uses brackets [] and an integer value to identify a particular value in a collection. In this case, we can use it to find a specific character in a string.

string plantName = "Cactaceae, Cactus"; int charPosition = plantName.IndexOf("u"); // returns 15 char u = plantName[charPosition]; // returns u

Similar to the example above, we first use .IndexOf() to grab the character position, which in this case is 15. We then take the string value and append it with a set of brackets [] and place the charPosition value inside the brackets.



You’re creating a form letter and it addresses recipients by their first initial and last name, however you only have their full names.

First, use .IndexOf() and bracket notation to grab the first letter of the first name and save it to the variable firstLetter.


Next, use the .IndexOf() and .Substring() methods to get the entire last name. Save this value to a variable called lastName. Run the code and see your results printed to the console.

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