Incredible work! You used CSS to alter text and images on a website. Throughout this lesson, you learned concepts including:

  • The font-family property defines the typeface of an element.
  • font-size controls the size of text displayed.
  • font-weight defines how thin or thick text is displayed.
  • The text-align property places text in the left, right, or center of its parent container.
  • Text can have two different color attributes: color and background-color. color defines the color of the text, while background-color defines the color behind the text.
  • CSS can make an element transparent with the opacity property.
  • CSS can also set the background of an element to an image with the background-image property.
  • The !important flag will override any style, however it should almost never be used, as it is extremely difficult to override.


Feel free to experiment with the code and see what other changes you can make!

If you want to see how to incorporate CSS visual rules in a project, watch the video below and follow along with one of our experts:

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