Ever since we revealed the borders of boxes, you may have noticed that the borders highlight the true shape of an element’s box: square. Thanks to CSS, a border doesn’t have to be square.

You can modify the corners of an element’s border box with the border-radius property.

div.container { border: 3px solid blue; border-radius: 5px; }

The code in the example above will set all four corners of the border to a radius of 5 pixels (i.e. the same curvature that a circle with a radius of 5 pixels would have).

You can create a border that is a perfect circle by first creating an element with the same width and height, and then setting the radius equal to half the width of the box, which is 50%.

div.container { height: 60px; width: 60px; border: 3px solid blue; border-radius: 50%; }

The code in the example above creates a <div> that is a perfect circle.



In style.css, set the border radius of #banner .content h1 to 15 pixels.

Additionally, try experimenting with other border-radius values and running your code to see the result!

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