Another implementation of the padding property lets you specify exactly how much padding there should be on each side of the content in a single declaration. A declaration that uses multiple properties as values is known as a shorthand property.

Padding shorthand lets you specify all of the padding properties as values on a single line:

  • padding-top
  • padding-right
  • padding-bottom
  • padding-left

You can specify these properties in a few different ways:

4 Values
p.content-header { padding: 6px 11px 4px 9px; }

In the example above, the four values 6px 11px 4px 9px correspond to the amount of padding on each side, in a clockwise rotation. In order, it specifies the padding-top value (6px), the padding-right value (11px), the padding-bottom value (4px), and the padding-left value (9px) of the content.

3 Values
p.content-header { padding: 5px 10px 20px; }

If the left and right sides of the content can be equal, the padding shorthand property allows for 3 values to be specified. The first value sets the padding-top value (5px), the second value sets the padding-left and padding-right values (10px), and the third value sets the padding-bottom value (20px).

2 Values
p.content-header { padding: 5px 10px; }

And finally, if the top and bottom sides can be equal, and the left and right sides can be equal, you can specify 2 values. The first value sets the padding-top and padding-bottom values (5px), and the second value sets the padding-left and padding-right values (10px).



Change the individual padding declarations on the h2 selector ruleset to use padding shorthand with 2 values. Keep the padding for the top and bottom at 20 pixels and the value for the left and right padding at 30 pixels.


Using two values for the padding property, set the padding of the p element to 10 pixels on the top and bottom and 20 pixels on the left and right.

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