You’ve learned how text can be defined by font family, weight, style, and transformations. Now you’ll learn about some ways text can be displayed or laid out within the element’s container.

Letter Spacing

The letter-spacing property is used to set the horizontal spacing between the individual characters in an element. It’s not common to set the spacing between letters, but it can sometimes help the readability of certain fonts or styles. The letter-spacing property takes length values in units, such as 2px or 0.5em.

p { letter-spacing: 2px; }

In the example above, each character in the paragraph element will be separated by 2 pixels.

Word Spacing

You can set the space between words with the word-spacing property. It’s also not common to increase the spacing between words, but it may help enhance the readability of bolded or enlarged text. The word-spacing property also takes length values in units, such as 3px or 0.2em.

h1 { word-spacing: 0.3em; }

In the example above, the word spacing is set to 0.3em. For word spacing, using em values are recommended because the spacing can be set based on the size of the font.

Line Height

diagram of line height property

We can use the line-height property to set how tall we want each line containing our text to be. Line height values can be a unitless number, such as 1.2, or a length value, such as 12px, 5% or 2em.

p { line-height: 1.4; }

In the example above, the height between lines is set to 1.4. Generally, the unitless value is preferred since it is responsive based on the current font size. In other words, if the line-height is specified by a unitless number, changing the font size will automatically readjust the line height.

Text Alignment

The text-align property, which you may already be familiar with from the CSS Visual Rules lesson, aligns text to its parent element.

h1 { text-align: right; }

In the example above, the <h1> element is aligned to the right side, instead of the default left.



Let’s put these new properties to work! In style.css, set the letter spacing of the <h1> element to 0.3em.


In style.css, set the word spacing in the .banner p ruleset to 0.25em.


In style.css, set the line height in the .banner p ruleset to 1.4.


In style.css, set the text alignment of the <p> elements to justify.

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