Previously, we learned about web safe fonts, a group of fonts supported across browsers and operating systems. However, the fonts you can use for your website are limitless—web fonts allow you to express your unique style through a multitude of different fonts found on the web.

Free font services, like Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts, host fonts that you can link to from your HTML document with a provided <link> element.

You can also use fonts from paid font distributors like fonts.com by downloading and hosting them with the rest of your site’s files. You can create a @font-face ruleset in your CSS stylesheet to link to the relative path of the font file.

Both techniques for including web fonts into your site allow you to go beyond the sometimes “traditional” appearance of web safe fonts. In the next two exercises, you’ll learn exactly how to use each of these techniques!


Explore the different example fonts shown on the right, as well as the links to font services above. When you are ready, click “Next” to learn how to use them!

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