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CSS Typography
Word Spacing

You can also increase the spacing between words in a body of text, technically known as word spacing.

To do so, you can use the word-spacing property:

h1 { word-spacing: 0.3em; }

Note that it’s good to use em values in this case because em is dynamic — for word spacing, it sets the spacing based on the size of the font. In the example above, the word spacing is set to 0.3em. The default amount of space between words is usually 0.25em and can be set with the value normal. If you provide a value for word-spacing that’s not normal, then the value you provide is added to the default spacing. Therefore, since the word-spacing is set to 0.3em, your <h1> elements get a total of 0.55em word spacing when rendered.

It’s not common to increase the spacing between words, but it may help enhance the readability of bolded or enlarged text.



In style.css, set the word spacing of the p elements to 1.5em.

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