We have all the methods we need in order to create our heapsort() function!

Currently, our heapsort() function does the following:

  • Creates an empty list that will hold our sorted values.
  • Creates an instance of MaxHeap.
  • Adds values from our parameter list into our MaxHeap instance.

In order to complete the function, here’s what we need to do:

  • Create a while loop that iterates while our heap has at least one element.
  • Inside the loop, extract the largest value from the heap and place it at the beginning of the sorted list. Then, re-heapify the heap to ensure it maintains its heap properties.
  • Return the sorted list.



Tab over to script.py.

Inside the heapsort() function, create a while loop that continues to execute while max_heap.count is greater than 0.

Within the while loop, do the following:

  • Create a variable called max_value and set it to the largest value in the heap.
  • Insert max_value to the beginning of sort.

Finally, outside the while loop, return sort.

Note: Since we added a print statement to the end of our program, the code should output a sorted list!

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