Congratulations, you have created a doubly linked list class in Python!

We did this by:

  • Using our Node class to hold the value and links between nodes
  • Implementing a DoublyLinkedList class to handle external operations on the list, like adding and removing nodes
  • Creating an instance of our list, and using the .stringify_list() method to track the changes we made


Feel free to play around a bit with your code. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a few nodes and add them to both ends of a new doubly linked list
  • Remove your doubly linked list’s head or tail node
  • Print your list again — were the right nodes removed?
  • Remove a specific node from somewhere in the middle of the list, then print the list again. Did it work?
  • We created our .remove_by_value() method by iterating from the head of the list to the tail. Do you think you could start at the tail and iterate backward? Try it!

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