The stack’s push() and pop() methods are our tools to add and remove items from it. pop() additionally returns the value of the item it is removing. Keep in mind that we can only make modifications to the top of the stack.



Below __init__(), define a method push() for Stack that takes the parameter value. Inside the method:

  • Instantiate a Node with value as an argument and assign it to the variable item (because this item is a node, we have easy access to Node’s class methods)
  • Set item‘s next node to the stack’s current top_item using the Node method set_next_node()
  • Set the stack instance’s top_item equal to the new item, adding it to the top of the stack

Below push(), define a method pop() for Stack. Inside pop():

  • Create a variable item_to_remove and set it equal to the stack’s top_item
  • If we’re removing our stack’s top_item, we need to set a new top_item! Set the top_item equal to the node after item_to_remove
  • Return the value stored in item_to_remove

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