Let’s explore how to remove nodes from a tree. Remember, child nodes are held in a list within the parent node. To remove a child, we need to remove that node from the list.

We want the following functionality:

print(root.children) # [child_a, child_b, child_c] root.remove_child(child_b) print(root.children) # [child_a, child_c]
  • Call .remove_child on a specific node.
  • Pass another node as an argument
  • Remove from .children any nodes which match the argument node.



Inside of the TreeNode class, define a new method remove_child, which has parameters of self and child_node. Print “Removing “ + child_node.value + “ from “ + self.value.


In the body of remove_child, make a local variable, new_children, and set it to an empty list.


Iterate through self.children and add to the new_children list any item that is not the same as the child_node argument.

When the iteration is over, assign self.children to be the new_children list.


Call remove_child on root and pass bad_seed as an argument.

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