Happy World Emoji Day 2020! πŸ‘‹

Emojicode is an open-source, full-blown strongly-typed programming language consisting of emojis. What could be a better language than that?

Here’s a little history from Theo Weidmann, the creator himself:

β€œSome time ago, I had the idea to create a programming language entirely consisting of Emojis. You might now ask: Whatever gave you that idea? And to be honest, I’m not sure anymore myself, but I do remember that somebody sent me a message with a lot of Emojis, and I suppose my brain ultimately started parsing that as code.

Creating a programming language is not only great fun but also a learning experience (think garbage collection, computer architecture, optimizations).”

Here at Codecademy, we believe that emojis have an expressive force that brings smiles and delight to our daily communication mediums, like text messages and emails. It certainly does the same when it’s sprinkled in a programming language.

Together with Theo, we built this introductory course where you will learn some of the fundamental concepts of programming using this light-hearted language.

Hopefully, it will make you look at coding in a totally new light and maybe even inspire you to create your own programming language down the road!


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