router.param is a powerful tool that we can use to keep our code from repeating core functionality through routes. This is a pattern we want to frequently follow: identify multiple pieces of code that accomplish the same goal, put it into a single component, let that component do that thing (and update it when we want the thing it does to change — in a single place).

Let’s try applying that knowledge again, to another codebase. If you look at the workspace you’ll find the same problem of data-lookup happening, based on a URL parameter, multiple times in different places. Try combining that logic in a single place using router.param.



Refactor the current application to use an app.param to handle all routes with snackId. It should set the req.snackIndex if it exists and send the proper 404 response if not. Make sure to fix all routes to use the req.snackIndex and remove duplicate code.

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