Accounts are the end result of gathering data necessary to create a user for a website. They also allow you to keep logging in to use the application.

Ever wonder what the process would be to create a site that featured user accounts? Well wonder no further! By the end of this lesson you will be familiar with the concepts and code necessary to create a web application with user account functionality.

Remember Flask is a micro-framework with web server functionality and built in tools to make web development simple and enjoyable. Along the way we will use other Flask tools to address our development needs.

We will be using Flask’s Flask-Login, SQLAlchemy and WTForms Python packages to build our application. The application will allow you to invite your friends to a dinner party, and users will have the power to login and RSVP for the fun evening. We’ll call it *drumroll*\ : DinnerParty! The sooner we start, the sooner us and our friends will be enjoying dessert!

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