What if you wanted to include all the changes made to the fencing branch on the master branch? We can easily accomplish this by merging the branch into master with:

git merge branch_name

For example, if I wanted to merge the skills branch to master, I would enter

git merge skills

In a moment, you’ll merge branches. Keep in mind:

  • Your goal is to update master with changes you made to fencing.
  • fencing is the giver branch, since it provides the changes.
  • master is the receiver branch, since it accepts those changes.



You are currently on the fencing branch. Switch over to the master branch.


Your sword-fighting experience is so impressive that it belongs on the master version of your resumé.

From the terminal, merge the fencing branch into the master branch.

Notice the output: The merge is a “fast forward” because Git recognizes that fencing contains the most recent commit. Git fast forwards master to be up to date with fencing.

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