Sally has created the remote repository, science-quizzes in the directory curriculum, which teachers on the school’s shared network have access to. In order to get your own replica of science-quizzes, you’ll need to clone it with:

git clone remote_location clone_name

In this command:
  • remote_location tells Git where to go to find the remote. This could be a web address, or a filepath, such as:
  • clone_name is the name you give to the directory in which Git will clone the repository.



The Git remote Sally started is called:


Enter the command to clone this remote. Name your clone:


Notice the output:

cloning into 'my-quizzes'...

Git informs us that it’s copying everything from science-quizzes into the my-quizzes directory.

my-quizzes is your local copy of the science-quizzes Git project. If you commit changes to the project here, Sally will not know about them.

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