Even though Sally’s new commits have been fetched to your local copy of the Git project, those commits are on the origin/master branch. Your local master branch has not been updated yet, so you can’t view or make changes to any of the work she has added.

In Lesson III, Git Branching we learned how to merge branches. Now we’ll use the git merge command to integrate origin/master into your local master branch. The command:

git merge origin/master

will accomplish this for us.



Enter this command:

cd my-quizzes

to go into the my-quizzes directory.


You are on your local master branch. In your commit history, the commit message of the HEAD commit is:

Add first question to Physics quiz

From the terminal, merge with origin/master, where Sally’s most recent commits are.

Notice the output:

Updating a2ba090..bc87a1a Fast-forward biology.txt | 2 +- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
  • Git has performed a “fast-forward” merge, bringing your local master branch up to speed with Sally’s most recent commit on the remote.

Print the commit history.

In the output, notice that the HEAD commit has changed. The commit message now reads:

Add heading and comment to biology quiz

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