Once you’ve created a pull request, other members in your team can review it up on GitHub.

The pull request should include a description and GitHub will display all the files with the changes created. Each line of code will have a clickable “+” button where you can add a comment in regards to the line.

While reviewing, it’s important to be constructive with feedback and be precise about what needs to be changed. Here are few best practices when reviewing code:

  • Don’t only comment on what should be changed, but why it should be changed. Feel free to provide resources to make your point.

  • Be as clear as possible with your comments and make sure to be clear as to what to modify.

  • Look at the bigger picture and try to spot potential errors. Would the submitted code produce any obstacles if the project scales?

Once all the feedback is added, collaborators can click on “Submit Review” and wait for a response. If all goes well, the pull request will eventually be merged into main!

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