Congrats! You can now change variable values even when the variables are out of scope!

The following concepts were covered in this lesson:

  • Go is a pass-by-value language.
  • An address is where a value is stored.
  • To find an address of a variable, use the & operator before a variable.
  • Pointers are variables that store an address.
  • A pointer is specific to what type of address it can store.
  • The * operator can be used to assign a pointer the type of the value its address holds.
  • The * operator can also be used to dereference a pointer and assign a new value.


If you want to practice more with pointers and addresses:

  • Create a function that changes a boolean value from a different scope.
  • Create a function that changes a float value from a different scope.
  • Find the zero value of a pointer that is initialized but hasn’t been assigned a value.

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