Imagine we are creating an online gaming platform, and need to keep track of players’ scores. For each player, we’d need to store their score at a consistent index for that player. This is a situation in which arrays would come in handy!

An array is a collection of data elements of the same type, where we can access each element by an index. We can think of an array as a row of mailboxes, with each index representing a house number.


Arrays are one of the most common forms of variables used in programs. We use arrays for tasks such as:

  • Storing many pieces of input
  • Storing related collections of values
  • Performing mathematical operations on lists of numbers

Across the world, arrays are being used in billions of running programs!

Throughout this course, we will introduce and practice using arrays in our programs. Over the next several exercises we will introduce:

  • Creating arrays
  • Accessing array values
  • Using the length of an array

To begin using arrays in our programs, we will first have to create them. We will get started creating arrays in the next exercise.


Check out and run the code in the workspace and continue on when ready!

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