Maps are also easy to add key-value pairs or to change the value of an existing pair. In both cases we specify the map name, the key, and the value:

yourMap[newKey] = newValue

So to add a new customer balance, we could do:

customers["Samantha"] = 1.25

We can use the same format to change an existing value. The format is the same! So when Samantha buys another donut:

customers["Samantha"] = 2.75

We now have the ability to add and update values in our maps. In the next exercise, we’ll learn how to remove key-value pairs. Before then let’s practice adding and updating!



Imagine our baker bringing out a tray of 12 fresh glazed donuts. Let’s add 12 donuts under the key glazed into our map.

After we add, print out the value of the glazed key.


Next, update count of the jelly key to be 3.

Then print out the map.

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