We know that addresses are where values are stored and pointers allow us to keep track of addresses. But what if we want the address to store a different value? Well, we can actually use our pointer to access the address and change its value! This action is called dereferencing or indirecting.

We’ll need to use the * operator again on a pointer and then assign a new value like so:

lyrics := "Moments so dear" pointerForStr := &lyrics *pointerForStr = "Journeys to plan" fmt.Println(lyrics) // Prints: Journeys to plan

In our example, we have our variables: lyrics that has the value of "Moments so dear" and pointerForStr which is a pointer for lyrics. Then we use the * operator on pointerForStr to dereference it and assign a new value of "Journeys to plan". When we check the value of lyrics it’s now "Journeys to plan"!



Let’s incorporate what we learned and update the value of star. Dereference starAddress and assign it a value of "Sirius".

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