Great job! You’ve just finished your first Go lesson! In this lesson you learned about:

  • What Go/Golang is.
  • What Go is used for.
  • Go’s compiler.
  • How to compile Go files into an executable.
  • Running an executable file.
  • Running a Go file without outright compiling it.
  • What a Go package is.
  • How to import a Go package.
  • How to import multiple Go packages.
  • The uniqueness of the main function in a main package.
  • How to find help and information.

This first step into a new and fantastical language is the start of a wonderful journey. It’s up to you to decide how far to Go.

If you’re interested in setting up your computer to create Go programs on your own computer, use our guide for developing Go locally!


Take a look at the code we wrote together. Review the concepts:

  • How to create a package declaration.
  • How to import packages.
  • How to create a main function and add code inside to print to the terminal.

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